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ShareASale 70’s Disco Party at Affiliate Summit East 2012

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  • Posted on: August 20th, 2012

ShareASale always puts on a great theme party for all attendees of Affilliate Summit.  This time the theme was 70’s Disco.

As we walked in we noticed colored afro wigs, peace signs, and disco ball necklaces for anyone who didn’t dress up , a raised, lighted dance floor, disco dancers and awesome 70’s music.  The people who dressed up had great costumes – polyester pants, satin shirts, headbands, flared pants, major platform shoes.  One girl had her toe stepped on by a platform and is deformed for life – those things are dangerous.  We saw John Travolta and Elvis enter the room – then another John Travolta – it was getting confusing!  Most people were vaguely recognizable but a few had us completely stumped.

There was a fun dance contest and everyone was a winner, but Daniel Feinberg really wowed us with his dancing skills and costume – unfortunately his mustache kept falling off, revealing it was him, not a hired dancer.

Todd Farmer had the hugest afro in the world and a white Travolta suit.  Andy Rodriguez and Vanessa both had huge afro’s and had the authentic “lived” the 70’s look going on.  I DID live the 70’s and chose to not dress up – if you’ve lived it you have a free pass to never do it again, although I actually wished I had once I was there…

Waiters walked around all evening with incredibly delicious food.  Even though I ate dinner, I still had to sample the Sliders, cheese and other finger food.

Thanks ShareASale, your 70’s Disco Party was one for the record books – I had a blast!


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