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No Mercy!

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  • Posted on: December 17th, 2008

I am absolutely the worst game player in the world. I admit it – my reflexes are slow and it takes me forever to learn a new computer game with all the moves required and hand-eye co-ordination is totally beyond me.

On Saturday, a friend brought along a bottle of Coke Zero to our Christmas Lights cruise and I asked her about it as I’d never seen it before. She said her Grandkids really like it, so she always buys it now. I had to look it up on the computer when I got home – and since it has zero calories it’s very popular.

What is going to make it even more appealing is the Dance Hero game which was just released. Now, that’s smart advertising!

The kids – young and old – are going to LOVE playing this game which matches the eyeball against the tongue in a merciless fight to the end. There are a few tips and tricks to learn and if you pay attention to the beat and the animation of the circles (which is my downfall) it will help. Follow the curved line with your mouse, click on the circles and rack up the points.

Who do you want to be? The eyeball or the tongue mascot? Challenge me to a seriously fun dance game – okay? I played the eyeball and won but I only had 25,200 points which is peanuts compared to the high scorer with 345,000 points. I obviously need the practice so I can show the game to my Granddaughter and beat her – just once! Ready? Come challenge me at!

All dancing. Zero calories. No mercy!

BTW – No Coke coins are needed to play!


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