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Fishing with ‘Pop’

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  • Posted on: July 15th, 2010

We occasionally see a small boat out trolling for salmon. Pop always says to me, “Oh, Larry is out there trying to catch MY Spring Salmon!” After living here for 70 years it IS Pop’s place, his mountains, his ocean and his fish, right? Well, it should be – at 97 years young Pop can own anything he darn well wants!

Last Friday Pop said, “Well the tides are nearly right I’m going fishing soon.” Great, we’ll have salmon for dinner – lol (I planned a backup dinner just in case 😉 Monday at 4 pm Pop called upstairs to me, “Heather, it’s time to go fishing!” Okay, okay let me get the beer, the dog, my fishing licence, etc…..

Pop’s ‘handle’ on the radio in the ‘old’ days of commercial and sport fishing was ‘SMILEY’. That was slang for the big Spring Salmon (Chinooks) he was famous for catching.

Egmont has been fished out over the years. The herring don’t come in like they used to and the seal population has increased to the point that if you do get a fish on the line a seal usually steals it. We all know it’s called ‘fishing’ not ‘catching, so I was well prepared!

Fishing not Catchin

Fishing not Catchin

It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed being on the water, running against the tide, into the sun. We caught a number of small lingcod and threw them back. I waved at people on shore, kids swimming, a few other boats but mostly we discussed the changes, Uncle Ernie’s gold ‘Mine’, the various properties and we ‘fished’.

Pop said he would drink his ‘Canadian’ once he turned to head home, running with the tide, with the sun at his back. No sooner had he opened it than the rod broke away from the downrigger. We both knew we had a nice spring on when that happened, and that was VERY exciting.

I took the rod while Pop pulled up the downrigger (it’s a bit touchy so he likes to operate it himself). Once he had it pulled, I handed him the rod so he could pull in his salmon. He said I could get the dipnet – ummmmm, ya – I’m not very good with a dipnet you know Pop. He told me how to hold it and to put it in the water when the salmon was nearly at the side of the boat and he’d swim the fish right in.

The salmon didn’t say he’d co-operate, so he took a run when he saw the boat then came up like an old boot and Pop swam him right into the net. I lifted him aboard and we were both grinning. People onshore whooped and hollered at us and a sailboat full of people came very close to see what we’d caught. Of course we were glad to share our excitement and show off the fish.

John West, Fisherman

John West, Fisherman

Yes, we had FRESH Spring Salmon for dinner, deboned, dipped in cornflake crumbs and fried in Canola.

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  1. Pat Curry said on July 16th, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    What a BEAUTY! And better still, what a great day spent with your Pop. You made me feel the excitement like I was right there with you and I don’t even like fishing that much. But I sure do love to eat salmon!
    .-= Pat Curry´s last blog ..So long- old chums- see you on the other side of the Earth =-.

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