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BC Boating Destinations

Do you want to anchor in quiet bays, explore rain forests, walk the rocky beaches looking for treasure then row the dinghy quietly along the shoreline imagining how the early explorers felt rounding the next headland? Sounds idyllic huh?

You might be surprised at the number of boaters who don’t want to be alone, communing with nature! I’m always amazed to enter a bay to find 100 or more boats anchored and stern tied to the shore, quite often within ‘talking loudly’ distance. Many boaters tend to gather in ‘recognized anchorages’ or tie to docks in marinas, perhaps for safety, camraderie or convenience.

Whatever your preference, I will tell you of various destinations as we travel the coastline of Beautiful BC. Kent and I have boated this area for the entire ‘nearly 30’ years of our marriage (other than 1 1/2 years living in Texas) and we’ve spent time alone and even more time with fellow boaters.

Kent is a leader and loves to explore new places – he’d have been a good ‘Captain Vancouver’. Me, I’m just a follower. The world would still be flat if I’d been one of the first explorers – America would never have been discovered as I’d be moored in my safe anchorage!

So, we compromise. Kent understands my need and greed and indulges me with boat trips to hospitable tourism towns. And when he wants to venture off to new places, I’m content to let the sound of the humming engines lull me to sleep, knowing he is King of the Strait.

Still here? I was dozing for a minute…

Here is one of my favourite power boating destinations in the Gulf Islands – Ganges, Saltspring Island. It’s not always easy to get a moorage spot at the dock in the marina, but Kent persists. The outdoor market is open Saturdays and filled with local arts, crafts, baking, produce and flowers and entertainment. A trip to Ganges isn’t complete without a stop in Mouatt’s Hardware. The ground floor will keep Kent busy long enough for me to browse the basement for new houseware items and the 3rd floor for new, exciting, expensive decorating ideas. If Kent gets bored and comes looking for me, I give him the grocery list (we’re always hungy when boating) and he gives me a bit more time!

Ganges has much to offer and when we tire of shopping we either sit in one of the outdoor restaurants, overlooking the water and marinas and people watch as the tourists pass by on the boardwalk or head back to the marina and the boat.

Check out some Saltspring Island history!

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