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Boating and Fishing In Egmont

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  • Posted on: February 28th, 2013

Boating and fishing are my passions and with this mild, almost Spring, weather upon us I’m eager to get out on the water!

Of course power boats are my preference as I’m pretty serious about getting out on the water, catching a fish and going straight home to throw my catch in the frying pan! I love fresh prawns, ling cod and salmon, and super market or frozen fish just doesn’t compare…

Egmont is the place to fish, and don’t tell me you don’t have a boat – there are plenty of reasonably priced used boats for sale and our waters are fairly calm and protected and the sea life is abundant. Imagine trolling slowly down the shoreline, seeing a Bald Eagle sitting in a tall snag, waiting for you to throw him a rock cod. He will come swooping down, grab his lunch with huge talons then fly to shore to devour his delicacy. Photo opportunities abound! How about fighting and landing a huge Spring Salmon to get the adrenaline pumping? Just be wary of that eagle and the seals all round – they want your fish as much as you so it’s often a contest to see who really ends up with it! LOL – it makes for a great “the one you lost” story… and all fishermen have those!

Often we drift with the current, using live bait to fish for ling cod, sitting in the sunshine, listening to nature’s sounds all around – the lapping of the water against the hull, seagulls squawking, the wind gently blowing in the nearby trees, with majestic snow capped mountains all round. It’s a great way of spending a few leisure hours and I highly recommend giving it a try!

Pack your gear, head to Egmont, launch your boat in the water and go fishing! Maybe I’ll show you my “hot-spot!”

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