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Birthday Party Girl at the LampLighter Pub

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  • Posted on: December 8th, 2009

Crystal turned 28 on Sunday and her boyfriend Dave invited me to the LampLighter Pub to join them and a few friends for dinner and a party.

Sean decided he should drive my car as he’d be likely to drink less than me! LOL – I don’t know what made him think that…

We picked up Dave and Crystal at Dave’s place then went downtown. I was surprised at the number of people on the streets and asked what they were waiting for. ‘Drugs’ was the answer. No wonder the City of Vancouver wants to pass a law to get all the homeless of the streets in time for the Winter Olympics.

Sean let Crystal and I out at the door to the LampLighter while he and Dave searched for parking. It took them at least 15 minutes but I had to wonder if the bottle of tequila took up some of their time!

Everyone arrived by 7:30 and we ordered dinner. I think there were 15 of us at that point and the waitress was excellent, actually bringing dinner out all at once so no one was left waiting. Drinks were plentiful in appearance too, of course.

Dan bought Crystal a shot piled high with whip cream. I had to go over to get my tongue in that glass – oh, it was yummy. Crystal ended up with whip cream on her nose and chin but deleted those pictures, so I wouldn’t embarass her with them. Haha… would I do that?

Meanwhile the big screen in the pub had UFC wrestling on and it was amazing to watch. Not many holds were barred, although elbowing is the face got one wrestler disqualified so the underdog won. A DJ came on and played great music most of the night while we talked, partied and some danced.

We left about midnight and 6 of us walked to where the car was parked. Along the way an odd woman with a ‘hat wig’ started talking to me saying I must be cold as it was freezing out. I said no, I’m 57 years old and not very often cold. She laughed and said she was 59 and knew what I meant. She was wearing a long scarf, whipped it off and draped it around my neck, saying for me to stay warm.

I thought it was rather sweet of her, even if she was a bit odd. Trevor was walking behind me and was horrified I’d even let her put it on my neck as it might be seriously contaminated! He whipped it off and threw it on the sidewalk. I was a little tipsy and totally didn’t care one way or the other and I guess he did have a point. The homeless man who was watching this take place now had a warm scarf!

The six of us squeezed into my car with Sean driving and had a wild ride through downtown with a lot of laughing and carrying on… sorry, I’m sworn to secrecy as to how naughty we all were!

Sean let Trevor and Morgan out near a nightclub they wanted to go to – and they planned to get a cab from there.

I was home, safe and sound by about 1 am, I think. Crystal sent me a picture of the lovely gift Dave gave her. A beautiful string of pearls and earrings. Lucky girl!

Here is my Facebook album of the evening.

Happy 28th Birthday Crystal!

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  1. Julie said on December 8th, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    That sounds like an awesomely fun night! Happy Birthday Crystal!
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..How I Become A TV Junkie =-.

  2. murray said on December 10th, 2009 at 8:18 am

    Great photos Heather

  3. crystal said on December 13th, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    Thank You! It was a super fun night! :)

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