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Affiliate Summit East 2011 and the Blogger Lounge Day Two

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  • Posted on: September 19th, 2011

The second day of Affiliate Summit was crazy busy with the Exhibit Hall overflowing with advertisers, publishers, agencies, networks and bloggers. It was so crowded at times it was difficult to move up and down the aisles. And, of course, it was impossible to not stop to talk to old friends and make new friends. I made some awesome contacts and will tell you of them in a future post!

The Blogger Lounge was busy with interviews, podcasting, meetings, discussions and bloggers writing blog posts, of course, then a really popular seminar would begin in another room and the few of us left in the blog lounge could try to get down to serious work. LOL – I’m sure you’ve all tried to work when there are people coming and going, asking questions, and wanting to chat. I have to admit I’m not awfully successful at that!

I was very lucky to have a core group of fellow bloggers/friends who covered for me when I needed a short break, food or drink. Someone came in the lounge with a pair of very cute pink flip flops and said one of buyat’s merchants was showcasing them and giving them away. I jumped out of my chair and rushed to ask for a pair before they were all snapped up! I chose the beautiful blue Switchflops by Lindsay Phillips
as they matched my dress, and immediately wore them, showing them off to everyone. It’s not often a merchant gives away such an awesome gift (I love picking up pens and notepads of course). That was my lucky day – I then came across the Back to the Future Delorean being promoted by RelationshipRewind and even sat in it for a picture – showing off my new flippy floppies of course.

Back to the Future in my Lindsay Phillips Flippy Floppies!

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