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BC Welcomes You


Join us as we boat the coastline of Beautiful British Columbia. We’ll take you to some of the most popular destinations as well as out of the way nooks and bays, fishing and prawning and joining various power boating groups and friends along the way. Hopefully we’ll saute prawns in garlic and butter to get this party started – then sit to watch the sun sink into the majestic snow topped mountains!

Want just the facts?

Beautiful British Columbia has 16,900 miles of coastline (including islands) to explore by boat. My husband and I spend much of our time aboard our 52 foot Bayliner traveling the inlets, straits, passes and the outer coastlines in the Pacific Ocean.

British Columbia is the third largest and most westerly province in Canada, it’s larger than any of the U.S. states, except Alaska, and is four times larger than Great Britain.

We’ve logged over 6000 engine running hours in our boating years and are looking forward to many, many more now that we are ‘retired’ and will spend 5 to 6 months each year on the water.

Most of our time this year will be spent at Egmont where my Pop lives. He’s turning 94 in three weeks time and still lives on his own 6 months of the year, cooks, drives, runs his boat, fishes and operates his small camping and boat launching business. We live aboard the Jervis Mist but I usually cook dinner in Pop’s house. Kent helps out with all the day to day maintenance when we’re not fishing. We do have a few short 1 and 2 week boating trips planned with friends as well as lots of family time.

Salmon fishing used to be our main goal while boating but as the salmon stocks deplete we find we need to diversify our interests and have changed to prawn and ling cod fishing. We occasionally try for a salmon but find we have to go further afield for the best fishing.

We are readying our boat for the summer and will leave Nico Wynd Marina in early June. Aerial View of Nico Wynd Estates, Golf Course and Marina

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